Thursday, May 7, 2015

CoCo Edtasm+

Having recently acquired a CoCo 1 with 32k of ram (though possibly 64k, not sure about that yet - the CoCo seems to have some odd quirks when it comes to ram) and with only a cassette recorder for storage, I decided to buy the cartridge version of Edtasm+.  I'm actually pretty happy as I found a relatively cheap cartridge on eBay, and I hope to have it by next week.  As I looked at Edtasm+, I found that it comes in both cartridge and disk form, but since I only have a cassette the choice was pretty simple.  The downside to it, though, is that based on what I read you can't really include files, so all your source has to be in one file.  This makes sense, since you don't have dynamic file access with a cassette like you do with a floppy drive, but it is limiting.  It also means that you can't really build a library of macros and procedures, which is very important for any serious assembly language programming.

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