Monday, May 11, 2015


So I got a item for my CoCo: A CoCo SDC.  This is a nifty little cartridge that plugs into my computer that adds virtual disk capabilities.  Essentially it includes Disk Basic functionality, but instead of going to real floppy disks, it goes to disk images on the SD card.  I don't know a whole lot about it at the moment, but still it's pretty cool.

A little ironically I got an Edtasm+ cartridge at the same time.  The irony is that the cartridge form of Edtasm+ is specifically for cassettes.  I got this off of eBay because I kind of assumed that the SDC would take longer to arrive than it actually did.  I play with several different retro platforms and have ordered SD card readers for each, and they always take a few weeks.  This one, however, got here within just a few days - the same day, in fact, as the Edtasm+ cartridge.  So the cartridge is kind of pointless unless I just get a hankering to do some programming to cassette.  

And I might.  It's the only retro computer I have with a cassette, and I kind of want to use it - though certainly not as my main storage device.  I suspect that in the end whatever assembler programming I will be done either using a cross-assembler or disk-based Edtasm+ - or maybe another CoCo-based assembler.

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